Ultra Marathon

June 11 2016.  55km and 2000 meters elevation.

IMG_0076I made it! Technical trails are hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever raced.  Two weeks ago I ran my first trail run and immediately wanted more, longer, higher, harder. I signed up for an ultra marathon in the trails of North Vancouver. Trail running has the best mix of people I’ve ever raced with. They are so friendly and relaxed. I can’t believe they do this multiple times a year!  One thing to take away – you can never have enough wax.  Lube up friends, and don’t forget the bottom of your feet. Here is my race report:

1-10km this is fun!
10- 15km oh dear we are still climbing.
15 – 20km decent #1 OMG this is the funnest most beautiful thing I’ve ever done! Racing down mountain bike trails hopping over stuff and swinging on trees!
25 – 30km oh no.  What have a done?! I have to throw up.
30 – 35km either I’m hallucinating or that’s @kvdub a rainbow suit.
35- 43km up again.
44km – 44km- back to 44km. How many times can I get lost??
45km – 47km get me off this trail. NOW.
47km – 55km thank god there is some road to run. But I’m not running, I’m shuffle hop limping. When will this end?!
55km – shouldn’t this be over? Where is the end?
57 km  – 9 hours later I finally finished, mid pack. Ultra marathon ✔️

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 11.33.32 AM.png