July 10,2016.  Olympic Distance.

A disappointing swim at the ‪#‎subaru5051‬ Olympic distance triathlon, but came 1st on the bike and 5th in the run for a 6th place finish in my cat. I am so happy with the bike and run improvements and just need to get my swiimage000006.jpgm in check for ‪#‎Ironman70‬.3 ‪#‎Canada‬ in 2 weeks !

The morning started with a flat tire and feeling rushed in the transition.  I still can’t change a flat quickly without you tube so I was more than lucky when a nice spectator took my wheel over the fence and fixed it up while I set up transition.

The Swim – 30 mins. I stunk. A large ship came by and I swallowed 2 large gulps of salt water and couldn’t recover.  It’s no excuse, everyone had the same conditions.   I didn’t draft as well in this race either.  My one piece of advice is practice drafting. Learn to love feet in your face.

The Bike – 1:15 and fastest in my cat!  It was supposed to be 40km but it was a bit long.  Moderate elevation but very technical.  This was a great mental prep for the 70.3.. which will be tackled with race wheels and I cannot wait!!

The Run – 52 mins, but 11km.  I ran a good race and I was happy with this.  My legs took a minute to remember what run after bike feels like but them my brain kicked in. It’s all mental in my opinion.

Now it’s recover, train, swim, taper, eat and IRONMAN70.3 Whistler!! I’m aiming for top 5 my age group.  It’s a lofty goal, but I’m ready to push the whole way.

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