About Me

Celebrating an impulse marathon!

Sports (all of them) are my happy place.  I started dabbling in various activities before I was 3.   Having two older brothers I drifted towards male dominated sports and quickly became your text book tom boy.  Nothing compared to how I felt playing a sport.  During a game I felt invincible. I loved it. I became addicted to it.   Nothing compares to the high of  2 out, tie game, runner on 3rd and you line drive over the pitcher.  I am actually salivating.

When I invented crossfit in 1990.

I grew up with hopes of going to the Olympics for hockey but didn’t quite get there.  Over the years hockey drifted in and out of being the best and worst part of my life.  The pressures to succeed occasionally over shadowed the joy of playing.  The need to be the best stole my identity.

In the end I had many great years and a few disappointments. Not making the Olympics weighed on me heavily. It took a few years to get over feeling as though I had never reached my athletic potential, but once I did I rediscovered my love to just play .

Playing and learning new sports is 100% the happiest I ever am. Of course, I still have the innate need to be good at them, but I’ve found a better balance with this and can channel it for success instead of feeling the pressure.

first fithg
The promo banner for my first fight.






Now that I’m just having fun, I want to try them all!  I’ll excel at a few, be average at most, and downright horrible at others.  I’ll explore the training and preparation for each and just see what happens.  Have a sport you think I should try or need an extra player? Shoot me a message!

Support system is key!  I got lucky with the best family & friends ever. EVER.