After my big race I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Eric of the Triathlete Training Podcast.  I learned SO much from listening to his podcast I felt honoured to be invited on to the show. Below are the show notes:

“First year triathlete Hilary Spires returns for an update on her first season.

Her first triathlon was early in 2015, then she did a 70.3 on June 14, and Ironman Canada July 26.  She was very well prepared. Her original goal was to break 14 hours, then she changed it do breaking 13 hours.  It was cold at Iromman Canada and she had to wear a garbage bag early in the bike to warmup up.  She liked the first year so much that she is signed up for Ironman Canada in 2016.  Did she make her 13 hour goal?  Have a listen to find out.

Check our her first appearance on the show in episode 53.”


Before my race I was brought on to ask as questions. My first appearance is here: